Single gates allow for reliable, safe, easy and convenient passage. In combination with high-quality hinges, locks, electronic or manual openers, they ensure a reliable entry to the enclosed area.
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Vehicles or people can gain entry to the interior of the enclosed area through double gates in many designs. Double gates are intended to allow entry of people and vehicles taking into consideration the fence design, real estate design and costumer’s wishes. With manual or automatic opening they are comfortable, safe, and reliable.
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Solid, safe, aesthetically pleasing gates which, when opened, allow completely free access without any guides or rails with a bright opening. Most customers seek a sturdy and reliable construction, easy operation and maintenance, consistent design, long-term warranty, easy and quick opening and closing operation. Self-supporting gates offer all these qualities which are amongst the most common choices for both residential and business clients.
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These sliding gate systems are strong, safe and aesthetically appealing gates which are driven on a tracked guide. They are especially suitable for openings where due to a lack of space cantilever gates cannot be used.


The primary role of the Turnstile is to facilitate controlled entry of people and prevent entry of bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles. They are indispensable for enclosing systems within sports parks, airports, stadiums, industrial buildings, public buildings and garages.
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